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Translation & Language Instruction Services

PIRC employs a full range of specialized and trusted linguists to support the needs of its clients. We provide a range of language services, including bulk translation of documents and materials, interpretation services, and language and cultural training. We employ skilled linguists based in target countries, who can provide timely and accurate translations at a very competitive price. Our locally-based researchers have extensive in-country experience and tested language skills.

PIRC provides customized language instruction that can be either self-guided or taught by an instructor, based on the time frame and proficiency goals set by the client. Our unique approach to language instruction focuses heavily on familiarizing the student with materials from the target country. Our orientation aims to provide immediate understanding of key slang and conversational terms, allow the student to quickly follow and understand the spoken language, and explain key cultural references that will enable the student to feel comfortable in the target country.

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